RapidRPS.com provides our clients with top notch delivery of their legal
documents. Whether the legal papers are issued by the Municipal Court, Justice
Court, Superior Court or any other state or Federal Court, RapidRPS.com is
equipped to serve your defendant, witness or other party, twenty-four hours a day,
seven days a week.

We are experienced in serving Summons & Complaints, Injunctions Against
Harassment, Orders of Protection, Summons & Complaints, Writs of Garnishment,
Subpoenas and other legal papers for individuals, attorneys, businesses and government agencies. We provide same and next day service of legal process, court filings, legal document preparation, records research and retrieval, and skip tracing in the greater Phoenix area. Our clients include law firms, individuals, businesses, and government agencies.

Process serving.

Certain papers, such as Restraining Orders, Orders of Protection, and Injunctions Against Harassment are served on a Special Rush Service, unless the client wishes to have it served on a Priority Expedited Service.  We know how important these types of papers are to get served, right away, and that is why we generally serve them on a Rush.

Evictions (Forcible Detainer or Special Detainer) are handled the same day we receive them, whenever possible.  If you have a 5-Day Notice to serve, we serve those, too.

Celebrities, evasive defendants and witnesses, as well as political figures are often on the move and need to be served at specific times or locations.  Issues such as child support, child custody modification and other papers are often served by at a specified location and time, such as when custody of children are exchanged to insure that the other party has been served in time for court appearances.

Service on Inmates.

Inmates in the Maricopa County and Pinal County jails, as well as the Arizona Department of Corrections prisons are often served for various issues, but most often related to family law (divorce, legal separation, annulment, paternity, child custody, child support, spousal maintenance) or domestic violence.  The Certified Process Servers at RapidRPS.com are approved to serve inmates in all Arizona state prisons. 

Evictions (Forcible Detainer or Special Detainer).

We have a flat fee, cradle to grave program for handling your eviction cases, including service of the 5-Day Notice, pickup and filing your Summons & Complaint, service of the Forcible Detainer, and filing the proof of service. Contact us for further details. 

Hard to Serve:

Whether your subject resides in a guard gated community or one where access is controlled by a remote entry device, we’re all over it.  Services are performed 24/7/365, including (and especially) holidays, anniversaries, birthdays, etc.  When an opposing party is avoiding service, diligence and persistence most often are the keys to the successful service.  If necessary, we will recommend to our clients an Alternative Means of Service or stakeout

Service on Indian Reservations:

The Arizona Supreme Court clarified its holding in Francisco in Dixon v. Picopa Constr. Co., 160 Ariz. 251, 772 P.2d 1104 (1989):  In Francisco, we held that a deputy sheriff had no authority to serve process on an Indian while the Indian is on his tribe's reservation.  We wrote, "Arizona has no authority to extend the application of its laws to an Indian reservation."  By this language we did not mean to create a "force-field" around Indian reservations through which no Arizona civil process could pass "regardless of the cause of action or fairness of the forum...."  We merely held that a state officer could not officially serve process on an Indian reservation just as that state officer could not officially serve process in California or New Mexico.

For further information on who serves process on Indian reservations, copy or type in the link below on your web browser:  http://www.supreme.state.az.us/stfcf/handouts/ServiceofProcessChart.pdf


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