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Discovery Made Simple -- Foreign Subpoena Preparation, On-Site Scanning & Copying, Deposition Officer Receiving


Preparing subpoenas and HIPAA authorizations can be overwhelming, especially when an out of state attorney or paralegal needs to understand Arizona law.  We create the solutions you need to effectively construct and serve your discovery documents -- whether it is a subpoena for deposition or production of documents, we prepare them, get them issued, served and can receive documents as your Deposition Officer. 

Our litigation support services also digitally scans and reproduces subpoenaed documents at the deponent's premises or off site.  Deadlines matter -- don't let yourself get buried in details.  Contact us instead.

 We prepare Foreign Subpoenas and other legal documents professionally and thoroughly for our attorney clients who need contract Paralegals and for our self-represented clients who need an Arizona Certified Legal Document Preparer.  

 Let us do the leg work for you -- your job is representation, our job is making sure your legal papers are properly handled.

ARCP Rule 45.1 Foreign Subpoenas 

ARCP Rule 26 - General Provisions 

ARCP Rule 34. Producing Documents, etc.

ARS 12-303: Witness Fees

ARS 12-2294.01. Release of medical records

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We not only prepare and serve legal documents, but provide legal copy  and scanning services, as well.  We’ll walk you through every step to  satisfy your needs.  

We are the legal support service you can depend on.   Reach out by sending us an email to or call us at (877) 472-7431,  and let’s figure out how we can help. 

We are dedicated to understanding what results you want and help you understand what actions we can take on your behalf. 

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Service of Legal Process & Expert Continuing Legal Education


Three Common Elements -- Proximity, Identification and Notice in serving legal process

Regardless who or what is being served, there are three common elements to service of process: Proximity, Identification and Notice

The person serving must be in proximity to the Defendant, make identification of the Defendant (as well as identify him or herself as a process server), and give notice to the person served. Notice (the actual giving of the papers) must be open and conspicuous. 

The legal papers cannot be in an envelope or other contrivance to hide them. 

Arizona Court Rules

What types pf papers do we serve?

Summons & Complaints


Papers at Arizona prisons

Protective Orders

Child custody

Divorce proceedings

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The Managing Member of RapidRPS is a qualified Continuing Legal Education Instructor and author whose works have been approved by the Arizona Supreme Court.

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RapidRPS prepares Foreign Subpoenas for Depositions and Production of Documents and Things. We also do Legal Copying and Scanning, and our Deposition Officer receives documents subpoenaed for our clients. RapidRPS serves all types of legal papers in Arizona and Nationwide. We carry a full Professional Insurance Policy.

RapidRPS prepares foreign subpoenas and serves all types of legal papers

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