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Summons & Complaints serves summons and complaints from all courts

Civil actions are filed in both the Justice Courts and the Superior Court where the defendant lives or does business or where the damages occurred. Justice Courts are limited jurisdiction courts handling claims for damages up to $10,000. 

Any claim over $10,000 needs to be filed in the Superior Court. Parties in a Civil lawsuit may be represented by attorneys.

Evictions serves eviction papers

Evictions are filed in the jurisdiction in which the rental property is located by landlords against tenants for a breach of the rental contract. The breach may be for past due rent (Special Detainer actions), or something affecting the health and safety of the landlord or other tenants. In instances of holdover tenants or squatters, a Forcible Detainer action may be filed. In all cases, possession of the rental property is at issue.  The total amount that may be claimed in an Eviction Action filed in a Justice Court is $10,000.00, not including interest, costs and awarded attorneys’ fees. Evictions where the amount due is higher or the title to the property is contested are adjudicated in the Superior Court.

Arizona Jails & Prisons

RapidRPS serves at all Arizona jails & prisons

RapidRPS process servers are authorized to serve in all of Arizona's prisons.  We undergo extensive background checks to enter prisons and make face-to-face contact with inmates at all minimum, medium and maximum security facilities.  

We also serve legal papers at the various county jails, as well.

Click on the image above to see a directory of prisons where RapidRPS serves.

Protective Orders serves Orders of Protection & Injunctions Against Harassment


Child Custody serves child custody papers


Divorce & Separation serves divorce papers

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